CIENS frokostwebinar – Can AI and machine learning change the game for knowledge syntheses?

  • clock 12. juni 2024, kl.08:30 – 09:30
  • location marker Digitalt
  • venue Teams

Arrangør er the CIENS Artificial Intelligence Network

Arrangementet er gratis.


As scientific output currently doubles every nine years, the need for efficient knowledge synthesis becomes ever more important. Traditional methods, while thorough, are time-consuming and costly. This webinar explores the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches for knowledge synthesis. We will explore how AI and machine learning can support key phases of synthesis: identifying and selecting relevant literature, and analysing meta-data. We will also discuss critical considerations such as the quality, transparency, and reproducibility of AI and machine learning supported syntheses and the key role of expert knowledge. The session aims to equip researchers with knowledge about relevant AI and machine learning tools that can support syntheses.


08:30-08:40: Introducing CAIN – the CIENS Artificial Intelligence Network Yuri Kasahara (NIBR), Megan Nowell (NINA)

08:40-09:15: AI and machine learning for knowledge synthesis,
Max Nawrath (NIVA)

09:15-09:30: Discussion

Here is the recording of the webinar: