CIENS – Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research

CIENS is a strategic research collaboration between four independent research institutes and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the University of Oslo and the Oslo Metropolitan University.

The seven CIENS institutions represent Norway’s largest, and one of Europe’s largest, research communities within the fields of environment, climate and society.  

CIENS shall facilitate relevant, high-quality interdisciplinary research across disciplines and institutions that are part of the CIENS collaboration.

CIENS will serve as a network arena for the seven partners, and will facilitate meeting places between researchers and users of research. CIENS wants to support achievement of the goals in the Ministry of Climate and Environment’s knowledge strategy.

AS a network organization CIENS aims to strengthen contact and cooperation between researchers and communication staff across the seven institutions. At the same time, CIENS is a platform for cooperation with users nationally. Internationally, CIENS works through the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), a network of leading European research institutions.

CIENS shall contribute to the exchange of knowledge and professional experiences between the partners. The network will stimulate the identification of project collaboration that naturally involves multiple CIENS partners. Arrangements will also be made for joint knowledge development within interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity, aimed particularly at young researchers.

CIENS wants to connect national users with the breadth of environmental and climate research that the CIENS network represents as a supplement to the individual partners’ respective user contacts.

CIENS will work through PEER to create opportunities for project collaboration for its partners with leading European research institutions, focusing particularly on calls from Horizon Europe.

Dissemination is central to CIENS’ activities. CIENS’ breakfast seminars have been held continuously since 2013 and will continue to be an important dissemination arena in the years to come. The breakfast seminars disseminate research and research results from one or more of CIENS partners. CIENS also organizes conferences and ad hoc seminars. The seminars and conferences are intended to serve as an arena for collaboration between CIENS researchers and between researchers and users.

The board of directors of CIENS consists of one board member from each of the seven partners, as well as personal deputy members for these. The board is elected for two-year terms. Nikolai Friberg from NINA is chair of the board. Kjell Arne Hagen from CICERO Center for International Climate Research is the director of CIENS.

CIENS is located in the Oslo Science Park, next to the University of Oslo, and close to downtown Oslo.

You can read CIENS’s strategy 2022 – 2026 here.

Postal address

Post office box 1129 Blindern
0318 Oslo

Visiting address

Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo

PEER member

CIENS is a member of the Partnership for European Environmental Research. PEER represents eight large, interdisciplinary environmental research centres in Europe. PEER’s vision is to be a world leader in integrating knowledge and expertise for sustainable development.

PEER member centres carry out basic and applied research combining different disciplines from natural and social sciences. Research covers all fields of the environment, particularly addressing the interaction between man and nature.

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