How can we quantify biodiversity commitment? A worked example from Denmark

  • clock 25. oktober 2022, kl.11:00 – 12:00

Arrangør er PEER Biodiversity Strategic Research Area

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Organised by the PEER Biodiversity Strategic Research Area
Speaker: Rasmus Ejrnæs, Senior researcher, Department of Ecoscience, DCE – Aarhus University

There is a growing need for common metrics to quantify the biodiversity commitment of land owners and public authorities. Protected areas can be counted, but these are often compromised by lax legislation, absence of natural processes or low conservation value. In a recent project we mapped effectiveness of legislation, naturalness of processes and intactness of biotas on a national scale and used this to develop a metric for biodiversity commitment.

The seminar will open with 30 minutes of presentation and be followed by questions from the audience. We aim to use this opportunity to connect with biodiversity colleagues for the development of a road map for biodiversity research in PEER.