Webinar – Is the Climate Smart and Compact City Socially Inclusive?

Welcome to PEER / CIENS webinar

  • clock 15. mai 2023, kl.14:00 – 15:00
  • location marker Webinar
  • venue Zoom

Arrangør er Partnership for European Environment Research (PEER) and CIENS

Arrangementet er gratis.


The smart and compact city has become the dominant model for urban planning and development. The main political argument for this model is that smart solutions (i.e. intelligent transport systems) and compact designs (i.e. high density and multifunctional urban districts around public transport hubs) will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions per capita.

However, it is argued that these “energy efficient” spaces predominantly are designed to attract the socio-economic elite and are becoming less accessible for disadvantaged social groups, thereby contributing to the increasing socio-spatial inequality observed in many cities. In this research seminar we present research from Oslo and Helsinki on the social implications of smart, green and compact city developments.

Research presentations:
Audun Ruud, Chairman of the Research Council of CIENS

  • Green, Golden, and Compact. Environmental Justice in Oslo
    Helene Figari, researcher at Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
  • Socially just urban development? Arguments and experiences of protest movements, professionals and politicians
    Hege Hofstad, researcher at Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, OsloMet
  • The social implications of sustainable urban development in Finland
    Juha Peltomaa, researcher at Finnish Environment Institute
  • Is the compact city socially inclusive? Investigations of the Fjord City redevelopment project in Oslo
    Per Gunnar Røe, professor at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo